Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

The Queen's Grand Apartment Versailles

While I can not say that Marie-Antoinette and I have the same taste in fabric prints, the queen's bed chambers at Versailles as very breath taking. Yet I can not image living as the royals did. People would sit and receive the queen every morning upon her waking. Heck when I wake up I'm a grouch. And I surely do not need to have other people around grating on my nerves. And they birthed their children in this room. While I love laying in the comfort of my bed, a home birth is not for me. I needed drugs to get me through that event and I am not ashamed. And sometimes when the king felt the urge he would share the bed chambers with the queen. Ummmm..... yeah while I may not enjoy the the snoring that comes from the other side of the bed, I am sure glad to have my Hubby there. And the only way he way he is getting out of sharing our bed is if I kick him out (which has never happened) or he is traveling for work. I am glad things have changed. Of course I'm no queen so maybe they haven't changed that much for royals I dunno.

Another thing about the decor, it was picked out by Marie-Antoinette. The wall coverings and bedding were changed every season. I can not imaging having to change it out every season. Of course Marie would not have been the one doing all the work but still. I guess if I had someone do do all the work for me I wouldn't mind changing my decor for the seasons. I do put up the Christmas tree, and I love doing that. But I normally start after Thanksgiving, it take me until A couple weeks in December to finish, and maybe by February I get motivated enough to put it all away. ( I have to have fake trees I'm allergic to pine).

These were my main thoughts while visiting the Queen's Grand Apartment, I like drugs (when having babies) and I'm too lazy(especially to change my decor seasonally Christmas trees). I guess it wasn't that inspirational.

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