Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Value of Work

Growing up I can remember doing dishes, weeding gardens, cleaning bathrooms, and cleaning my room all before I was old enough to start school.  I want my daughter to know the value of work.  I want her to know that the good things in life are earned, not handed over.

I want these things but have NO clue how to do it.  I have trouble letting her complete a chore that I know I will have to go and  repeat when she isn't watching so that it is done properly.  Little Princess is only three she will be four before the end of the year.  

What do you do to teach a 3-4 year old the value of work?  
Which chores are appropriate?  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Can Breath Again

I haven't exactly been super active in the blogosphere recently.  You may have or may have not noticed.  But the first Trimester of pregnancy left me with little energy.  Doing anything more than watching my daughter seemed  impossible. 

Things have finally started to mellow.  Little Princess now goes to Joy School two days a week.  Of course these means that one week a month I have a teaching obligation.  But it is nice to have a few hours to myself.  I can browse my google reader and visit blogger.  And the goal is eventually to open up the document with my WIP and tackle some more writing.

While Little Princess is learning, I sit in Panera with my laptop and enjoy the peacefulness of freedom.  More than anything I just wanted to say Hello.  I am still alive here, and I have missed you all so much.  I can't wait to catch up on what is happening in your lives.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday French Inspiration --Finding Time

Behind one of the Large clocks in the Gare d'Orsay or  Musée d'Orsay

There is a time for everything,  a time for nothing, and a time for the things in between.  A time for painting, a time for cleaning, a time for mothering, a time for writing, a time for exercise, I even hear there is a time for sleeping (I am not sure if i believe it though.)  It can get awfully hard to figure out how much time to allow for all the things I need to accomplish.  
However, without planning nothing gets done.  Timing seems to play a key role in all aspects of life and writing for that matter.

How do you divide your time?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday French Inspiration --Rising to the Top

One of my favorite experiences in France was visiting Cassis.  We drove up to the summit of Cap Canaille.   The cliffs over look Cassis and the Mediterranean sea.  As you stand at the edge, there is no safety measures to keep you from swan diving or tripping to a sudden death.  Well, it would not be sudden; the fall would take a while.  But the beauty is overwhelming.  The distant landscape dwarfs you.  You become small, insignificant, and if you are my husband, slightly woozy.   At the same time, the view shares with you inspiration and hope. Standing at the top of the world, you have never felt so small; you have never felt so grand.

It made me think about the trials I have faced and will yet face in my life.  The distance and height that is still yet to travel to achieve the dream.  At times I definitely feel small and insignificant.  But as I look back over how much I have already accomplished I am inspired to go further, and I feel the power I have within me to live my dreams.

Rise to the top.
Conquer your goals.
  When you look back, enjoy the view.
Embrace the power within yourself.