Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday French Inspiration: Choosing Between the Good

There is beauty all around when there's pastries to eat.
 (What? Don't tell me you don't agree?)

From doors of the Parisian boulangeries, mouthwatering smells fill the air.  One is helpless to resist the heavenly scents.  Upon enter the shop, the charm and beauty of each pastry must be properly adored.  Getting lost in the beauty of each handmade creation, it is easy to forget that you must make a choice.  Oh but how can one choose?

There are so many front running candidates to be devoured and only so many euros.  This new found heaven  mocks you.  You want some of everything.  With every breath you fall deeper under the spell the spun by the artisans.  There are just too many good things, and you know you just cannot have it all.

When surrounded by so much good it is hard to choose.  Life would be easy if every choice were black or white, but shades of gray cloud up our decisions.  Sometimes it is left to us to decided from the good, better and the best.  Whether it is choosing a pastry or which chore to check off of our to-do list, life is full of tough choices. 

How do you choose between the good in your life?