Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sick and Tired

This is an older picture but it displays this week rather well.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

I think I could stare at this lovely piece of art for such a long time. There is something quite hypnotic about face with the veil. I am always awed with the detail that can be created out of stone. How something so hard can be carved into this flowing whimsical person. I hope that you enjoy this piece of Paris - and I want you to take this message with you :

No matter how hard any situation may appear at first, you can make out of it what you choose. You can choose to let life crush you, or you can carve life into something that will have people staring with awe. I hope that you will choose the latter.

One Success

Random question before I start into what my post is meant to be about - does anyone else still use the little rhyme to spell success (S-U-C-C-E-S-S that's the way we spell success)? Ok maybe it is just me.

So I think I have mentioned before that my house has a way of eating electronics; the dvd's and cd's. If I haven't then I am certain that blogger has eaten the posts that I have typed about this. Anyhow, I have recently decided to add yet another project to the list of things I want to do.

List is as follows: write my book, refinish my kitchen table and bedroom dresser, grow a garden (other than the toys that seem to be popping up everywhere in my house), exercise, and of course the being a wife and mom stuff too.

My new desire is to learn how to use Adobe Creative Suite much better so I can do my digital scrapbooking this way. Unfortunately, once I made this decision and went searching for the cd tutorial that came with my software I had no idea what happened to the CD. I've been looking for weeks. Finally, I had decided that it was pointless and chalked it up to be missing with my Smallville and Lois and Clark dvd's (yes I am a HUGE Superman fan and yes my husband is Clark Kent/Superman - at least he is to me.) Well I checked out some books from the library to read and study along with my books on writing a book.

Note to self: If you read every how-to-book, you don't do the things you are trying to learn how to do.

Anyhow, I was working on the cleaning and organizing my house, part of my to do list, and I found my tutorial. So now I have a ton of materials to help me learn. Hopefully, I will be designing things in no time. I'm really excited. I just have about 5 books to get through to learn with first. :D But the biggest success was winning against the electronic eating goblins and getting my cd back.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Before My Very Eyes

This morning a good friend of mine called me to ask me to go walking. This is a very good thing because it makes my day more productive when I start out with some moving. Anyhow we were walking around the quiet streets of Virginia Beach enjoying the beautiful weather, pushing my daughter in a stroller, and carrying on a conversation. As I look ahead I see a man that looks very familiar. We keep walking and carrying on our conversation. When the man passed us he smiles a charming grin and says "Good morning Ladies." (or something very similar). And we return the greeting and all of us continue on our ways. AS SOON AS, we pass him my friend speaks my thoughts by saying "That man looked just like that actor." I knew exactly who she meant.
Morgan Freeman

Yeah it is doubtful that is was actually him. But this guy in the quick passing made a very convincing Morgan Freeman. I'm quite tempted to walk the same way tomorrow and see if I see him again. What would you do if you saw someone who you thought looked like someone famous, or was someone famous?

I think I will just start telling everyone that I met Morgan Freeman and everytime I tell the story I will make it even more unrealistic until the story becomes that Morgan Freeman invited me to go to Paris with him. LOL

Monday, April 20, 2009

Laundry for the Rich

I've made a decision. Which for an indecisive person like me says a lot. When I am rich, NO MORE LAUNDRY!!! I think I'm just going to buy new clothes instead of wash them. Forget paying someone else to do it. I will just buy new clothes. I will donate the worn ones (do you think it is bad to donate dirty clothes?) LOL

But honestly, I have made today a laundry day at my house. The unfortunate part is that I never seem to get all of it done. And just when you are close the pile starts regenerating itself. And then you find the items that you could swear should have been clean but you aren't certain because they were never put away, and then you end up rewashing them too. The sad part is that I only have my husband, myself, and one child dirtying this laundry. When I begin to think of those with a house full of people I am amazed that they do not have to rent a small country just to put all their dirty laundry at. Either that or they own an ocean instead of a washing machine. Because if I add any more laundry to my laundry, I think I would be washing clothes all day every day.

So yes, when I am rich I am definitely going to the new clothes instead of washing approach. What chore would you do away with if you were rich?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

America is my country and Paris is my hometown - Gertrude Stein

I think I love my husband a little more now than I did before. Ok, ok. I know I do. I have more reasons to love him the longer I've known him. He is a wonderful man. But why have I decided that I love him more now... meaning why am I telling you in my post. "Because he gave me the world. Not really, but he gave me a stamp in my passport." He took me to Paris (and various other beautiful parts of France.)

It is strange to go somewhere you have never been and feel so at home. I could only understand about 80% of what was being said; could respond at the level of a 15 month old (maybe); a wallet was stolen; and my feet ached from walking ALL day. I LOVED IT. Paris is always a good idea. I can't wait to go back. The beauty and grace of the country is undeniable. And the pastries..... oh I miss them very much. We had a wonderful boulangerie at the corner from our apartment with wonderful selection. I think I ate more chocolate during my stay in France than I have in the past 4 months combined. How can you not love a place when you are doped up on chocolate? Seriously I would go back tomorrow if I had the opportunity. Any takers? Who wants to take me to France? I must admit that this is the first time I've travel off of the American continentant. I am certain there is a lot of the world that I would love. But Paris had my heart since childhood and part of my heart shall always remain in Paris.