Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Before My Very Eyes

This morning a good friend of mine called me to ask me to go walking. This is a very good thing because it makes my day more productive when I start out with some moving. Anyhow we were walking around the quiet streets of Virginia Beach enjoying the beautiful weather, pushing my daughter in a stroller, and carrying on a conversation. As I look ahead I see a man that looks very familiar. We keep walking and carrying on our conversation. When the man passed us he smiles a charming grin and says "Good morning Ladies." (or something very similar). And we return the greeting and all of us continue on our ways. AS SOON AS, we pass him my friend speaks my thoughts by saying "That man looked just like that actor." I knew exactly who she meant.
Morgan Freeman

Yeah it is doubtful that is was actually him. But this guy in the quick passing made a very convincing Morgan Freeman. I'm quite tempted to walk the same way tomorrow and see if I see him again. What would you do if you saw someone who you thought looked like someone famous, or was someone famous?

I think I will just start telling everyone that I met Morgan Freeman and everytime I tell the story I will make it even more unrealistic until the story becomes that Morgan Freeman invited me to go to Paris with him. LOL

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Motherboard said...

One time I saw this guy and I said to him, "Wow! Has anyone ever told you that you look like Robert Redford?" He leaned in close to me and said "yes. I am Robert Redford."

I was flabbergasted and just said "Oh. Well. Have a nice day then."

giddymomof6 said...

WOW! You're so cool! And he asked you to go to Paris with him too!? Sheez! That's so unbelievably amazing! LOL! So my only major run in with a celebrity. Was with the bald star trek Captain guy, the one during the 90's. He was on the hopper plane from Denver to Farmington NM (my home town) which btw is like totally a hub for celebs, which I NEVER see but everyone else does. Anyhoo, I was travelling with 5 kids and he was in one of our seats and wouldn't move to another seat, he just refused to even acknowledge me, until Finally I was like "Dude, you can totally sit there if you want, but if he messes in his diaper you will have to smell it for the whole ride." Then I handed him the diaper bag. "Oh, and he needs his sippee cup in about 20 minutes. Thanks so much, I rarely get a break!"
He moved. Glared at me and then moved. I laughed and sat in his seat next to my son. Apparently there isn't assigned seats on small 16 passenger hopper jets, just on your tickets! LOL!

Merrianne said...

ha ha!

Amber Lynae said...

Motherboard - that is so funny I could totally see myself doing that. giddymomof6 - Regardless of no assigned seats I'm glad that you held your own.