Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Letter of Excuse(s)

Dear Blogosphere,

In regards to the issue of my unannounced extended leave of absence, I am providing the following list of very truthful responses:

1:  "I wrote you every day for a year"  but my mother kept all my witty posts hidden from you.
2:  I forgot to lick the stamp before I sent my post.
3: Zynga locked my out of blogger and made me play Cityville, Farmville, and Mafia Wars, until I collected enough reward points to buy my way out.
4:  I am actually dead and typing this from the grave.
5:  The voices in my head took a vacation and left the lights off upstairs to save electricity.

Or if none of those excuses is acceptable maybe you will believe that after finding out I was pregnant a year ago things got harder and harder to keep up with.  Then my little man was born and I got all sucked in by his super cuteness.   I mean take a look this guy is so sweet.

However, I think the first 5 excuses are most plausible.

Sincerely Amber Lynae