Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Friday

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today and she put up a Mr Linky to allow people to link up their the first 10 songs off of their music player when it is set to random. So here are mine. If you just can't get enough of my good tunes go play my player from my family blog

10 Random songs from my song player
1. At Last by Etta James
2. Bad Day by Daniel Powter
3. Sweat (A la la la la long) by Inner Circle
4. Believe by Josh Groban
5. I wanna be there by Blessed Union of Souls
6. Crush by David Archuleta
7. Come What May by Ewan mcGregor & Nicole Kidman
8. Baby of Mine by Allison Krauss
9. It's Been a While by Staind
10.Please Forgive Me by Bryan Adams

If you want to participate click here I would love to see your songs.