Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

The back of Notre Dame from Île Saint-Louis

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and WONDERFUL food, I am going to share with you one of the best meals we ate in Paris. 

So first I must tell you, if you are going to visit Europe you may want to pick up a Rick Steves book to advise you about where to visit, what to see, and where to eat.  He has amazing taste and interesting facts to share.  Aunt and I wanted to experience at least one AMAZING French meal; therefore, we took one of Rick's suggestions: Tastevin (You really should visit that link and see the ambiance.  Also look at the pictures of the food, especially the desserts.)

The restaurant normally requires a reservation pretty far in advance.  Luckily, we were visiting during the off season and got in without one.  To get to Tastevin, you must head over to Île Saint-Louis, a small island in the middle of the Seine.

(While on the island, we got to watch saw people filming on a side street.  They had changed some of the fronts of the shops for the film, and they had this boxy looking police car that was used in a shot.  It was speeding around a corner.  Very neat. )

Anyhow, on to the food.  The French have their menus set up in various ways, but most of the time they have a set price for a 3 course meal, a 5 course meal and so forth.  And within those price ranges you get to choose from different items.  For the 3 course meal price point, you start with your ENTREES (this is your starter not your full meal).  I think hubby and his aunt had escargot (snails) I had a French onion soup.  (yum)  After the entree plates are cleared, you order the PLAT AU CHOIX (your plate of choice/Main course)  Hubby and Aunt chose pork cooked with Anise (a spice resembling licorice. I'm not fond of aniseed, but Hubby loved it)  Uncle and I  had a plate of beef burgundy and potatoes.  Although it all sounds quite simple, it was magnificent. However, the best was DESSERT. We all choice the same thing -- An apple tart with caramel ice cream from Berthillon topped with a caramel sauce.

We were well fed, and enjoyed our meal tremendously.  I hope you all can say the same thing about your Thanksgiving.  May you be well fed and have a terrific day.  


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

A few Wednesday's ago I told you about the lovely metro ladies who decided that Uncle didn't need his wallet.  After a quick trip to the apartment to cancel debit cards, our group went back out to see Sacre Couer

To expand the amount of sites we would see Hubby decided to get off the metro at the bottom of Montmarte,  at the Pigalle metro stop.  This is the nightclub and redlight district-- the home of the Moulin Rouge.    I actually saw the lights of the red windmill (this is what Moulin Rouge means).  I was going to go take a picture, but I had higher places to go to.  I find it interesting that the lowest part of the area is covered with clubs, and upon the summit is a Basilique.

In the mid-1800 Monmarte became the principal artistic center of Paris.   The picture above is a plaza that artists still gather.  They draw portraits, or just sit high in the sit and are inspired by the beauty below.  But what I love about that plaza is how the artist gather together.  I love that community of talent sharing and supporting one another.

Blogging has become my plaza in Monmarte-- a place were I have met many types of artist.  All of you have provided support and community.  But also a place to share with others a small portion of my talents and thoughts.  I am certain that the artists in the plaza are always encouraged when they are praised.  They are there because they love what they do.  And when you love something it is hard to keep to yourself.

What is your Monmarte plaza?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

Paris at a glance.  Sorry just more views for today.  I promise I will tell you more later.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

I am in Texas for a wedding and I have traveled with a toddler. So no inspiration just a view and a dream.

How is your week looking?