Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween???

Would you give this Princess some candy so she will smile? Please?
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

Fountaine des Innocents

After watching the artist in this post paint Obama my husband went on to find the building that was used as church offices in Paris while he served his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. While we were there we met two missionaries who were Mandarin speaking. While Hubby was comparing mission stories and getting the number of member he has been out of touch with for years, I took a much needed potty break. (You try walking around Paris all morning and not having to pee.)

I enjoyed seeing the church building, and the missionaries, and we got pointed into the direction of a close place with a good grecque. In my mind it was about time, I was hungry. I mean while those pain de chocolat are great, one of them will not hold you all day. I am not very nice when I'm hungry.

Regardless of my hunger induced grumpiness, Hubby decided to take me to the Marché des Innocents. It was a risk on his part. I was about to turn cannibalistic. His Paris glow must have impaired his judgement, or maybe he knew me well enough to know that when I saw the Fontaine des Innocents that I would forget my hunger and he would be safely forgiven.

It is the oldest monumental fountain in Paris, and it just sits unassumingly in the middle of this plaza. The ease and grace in which it sits is breath taking. I found it inspiring how something so beautiful was just there, no pomp or circumstance necessary. I learned a lesson that day:

Beauty does not have to presented with a big fanfare.

I want to be like that fountain... in Paris. Okay, that isn't what I was really going to say. I want to be unassuming and without pretension. Any beauty of mine, I hope shows just by being me. I also realize that those are the characters in stories that I like best. The ones that are without conceit. The characters that don't hold their merits out as a reason to like them.

Who is your favorite character? Why do you love them?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Did Halloween Explode? Or is that Wall Black?

Do you remember My Girl 2? Well, maybe I was the only person that watched it. But there is a short scene when they are picking out wallpaper for her new room. Her father suggests a floral, she pulls out black. If you did see the movie and you thought that was crazy.... then you are are going to be sending the straight jackets my way soon.

It isn't a joke and it isn't for Halloween.

It's just a black wall in my new house and I put it there.

So if you miss my rambling, and wondering where the heck I've run off to, just know that I'm just painting my naked house. The fumes may be getting to me, maybe that is why the wall is black. Or maybe once I get it all set up it might resemble something a little more classy.

What do you think about black walls? I have more paint and some rollers.... do you need anyone to paint your house.... black?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

Today's post was inspired by my wake-up call. The delivery guys rang the bell five minutes before my alarm sounded. They were bringing my well travelled baby grand piano. Hubby's grandmother bought a bright orange baby grand piano from a bar in Sacramento that was being demolished as past of urban renewal. Over the years during her ownership, it has been refinished, and travelled, to Casablanca, Toronto, Bandkok, and various cities in the US.

Obviously the picture above is not my baby grand. This musical instrument (I'm not sure maybe it is a piano forte) is found at Versailles. When I saw the piano I recalled the Jane Austen movies. In her books her characters all had such musical talent, or at least some ability. So I guess Now that I have my own piano it is time for me to improve my skills.

My sisters both had piano lessons, I was left to teach myself with some help from them. I was more prone to singing than playing. Regardless, our house was always filled with music. I think some homes have lost the sound of music. Do you agree?

Is your home filled with music? Does RockBand count as musical talent?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

After sometime in Paris my entourage headed south. We planned to go visit some of the castles in the Loire valley. When visiting Chenoneau one of the employees told us that the Chateau de Chambord was a must see. We knew that we might not make it before they closed but we rushed ahead. (Well rushed may not be the correct term. One can not rush through the beauty of the french country side.) We got there and were amazed by the beauty of the grounds. Unfortunately, we were too late to go inside the castle. Regardless, this castle was definitely one of my favorites. I especially loved the double-helix staircases, maybe it is just in my DNA (haha).

The thing I loved so much about Chambord is that I could see the ghosts of the past come alive as I looked over the grounds. I could imagine members of the the court walking the grounds. I can see the women watching from the castle as they watch the hunting events taking place on the grounds. I could imagine descending the staircase with a candle in one hand and my dress hoisted in the other.

The castle whispered its past to me. I loved it. And I would have loved to live the life for a day. ( I would have to return to the 21st century for hygienic reasons.) I have mentioned once before of how I sang in an Elizabethan choir throughout my high school years. Maybe that has added to my love of the past. Wearing the elaborate dress stitched by my mother always drew me back to a lifestyle that is so different than my own, but fueled by the same emotions that we feel today. Perhaps those emotions of the past were felt more intensely when there were not so many distractions.

Do the ghosts of the past talk to you?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

How many emotions can you feel at once? I think it is possible to feel an entire symphony of emotions. When you are learning something new it can be both frightening and exhilarating.

When visiting Marseilles, we took a day trip down to Cassies a beautiful French town off the coast of the Mediterranean. A small group of school kids were also enjoying a field trip to the beach. They were taken out on water in small boats all attached. The children could operate the rudders, but ultimately they were being pulled by the leaders. (As a parent I think I may be a little apprehensive about allowing my child to go on this field trip, I am a bit of a hover. Of course my first and only child is only 2 so that may have some to do with my doubts.) Being on the open sea, can be scary, exciting, freeing, and so much more.

Watching the children, brought to mind a lot of situations in life in which it is so important to have a little guidance. When beginning a new project or hobby, it takes time to learn. Having guidance and boundaries is key. But eventually you will have to go out with all your knowledge. You must find your own way.

Are you ready to take off your training wheels?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tired and Grossed Out

First, note is that I'm back in the real world (blogland) but there is still much painting and unpacking to do. The internet being back will make that take longer.

I have read a lot of the posts I've missed commented on a few. And realized I missed so much and I felt sad to be missing it.

I did read a post that MomBabe of Bingham Diaries sent me in my reader (sorry i will link when not tired) about the gross stink bugs of the East. About 4 hours later I see a disgusting black bug skittering across my livingroom floor toward my new fabric. I lift the fabric out the way and find a shoe to smack the life out of the offending bug. 20 minutes later I find another. I lazily leave them on the floor for a while but decide to vacuum them up. about 10 minutes ago I see another one, and I smack it dead as the others. They all seem to be wanting to go to the same place because they all head from the same direction to the same area.

Then I have been hearing some more noise from the general origination place. I am afraid to look. but I will say that when you have laminate or wood flooring these bugs are not only seen but heard. You can hear their little feet tapping merrily across your floor mocking you that they have entered the place you are trying to make your home.

I am completely grossed out to know that bugs are taking over. I am going to go hide in my bedroom. I hope they stay down stairs. And that tomorrow I don't have an army of bugs..... eww another one just met its demise. Ok that is gross. Four bugs. This needs to stop. The worse part is I just watched The Mummy yesterday and my daughter has been talking about the bugs that are in that movie. Now I'm ever more freaked out.

Bed please keep me safe.

Pray for me.