Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

After sometime in Paris my entourage headed south. We planned to go visit some of the castles in the Loire valley. When visiting Chenoneau one of the employees told us that the Chateau de Chambord was a must see. We knew that we might not make it before they closed but we rushed ahead. (Well rushed may not be the correct term. One can not rush through the beauty of the french country side.) We got there and were amazed by the beauty of the grounds. Unfortunately, we were too late to go inside the castle. Regardless, this castle was definitely one of my favorites. I especially loved the double-helix staircases, maybe it is just in my DNA (haha).

The thing I loved so much about Chambord is that I could see the ghosts of the past come alive as I looked over the grounds. I could imagine members of the the court walking the grounds. I can see the women watching from the castle as they watch the hunting events taking place on the grounds. I could imagine descending the staircase with a candle in one hand and my dress hoisted in the other.

The castle whispered its past to me. I loved it. And I would have loved to live the life for a day. ( I would have to return to the 21st century for hygienic reasons.) I have mentioned once before of how I sang in an Elizabethan choir throughout my high school years. Maybe that has added to my love of the past. Wearing the elaborate dress stitched by my mother always drew me back to a lifestyle that is so different than my own, but fueled by the same emotions that we feel today. Perhaps those emotions of the past were felt more intensely when there were not so many distractions.

Do the ghosts of the past talk to you?

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