Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

Fountaine des Innocents

After watching the artist in this post paint Obama my husband went on to find the building that was used as church offices in Paris while he served his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. While we were there we met two missionaries who were Mandarin speaking. While Hubby was comparing mission stories and getting the number of member he has been out of touch with for years, I took a much needed potty break. (You try walking around Paris all morning and not having to pee.)

I enjoyed seeing the church building, and the missionaries, and we got pointed into the direction of a close place with a good grecque. In my mind it was about time, I was hungry. I mean while those pain de chocolat are great, one of them will not hold you all day. I am not very nice when I'm hungry.

Regardless of my hunger induced grumpiness, Hubby decided to take me to the Marché des Innocents. It was a risk on his part. I was about to turn cannibalistic. His Paris glow must have impaired his judgement, or maybe he knew me well enough to know that when I saw the Fontaine des Innocents that I would forget my hunger and he would be safely forgiven.

It is the oldest monumental fountain in Paris, and it just sits unassumingly in the middle of this plaza. The ease and grace in which it sits is breath taking. I found it inspiring how something so beautiful was just there, no pomp or circumstance necessary. I learned a lesson that day:

Beauty does not have to presented with a big fanfare.

I want to be like that fountain... in Paris. Okay, that isn't what I was really going to say. I want to be unassuming and without pretension. Any beauty of mine, I hope shows just by being me. I also realize that those are the characters in stories that I like best. The ones that are without conceit. The characters that don't hold their merits out as a reason to like them.

Who is your favorite character? Why do you love them?

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