Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

What can you create with less than 10 minutes and little paint? If you are my daughter a large mess. :) This guy can create art and entertainment.

After my long unexpected night tour from the Champs-Élysées to Notre Dame, I rested. But when the morning came I wanted to be out in the city. Without much a plan, Hubby and I decided we would go see Notre Dame in the day light. Not knowing the ways of the metro, or the lay of the city, I relied heavily on Hubby to lead the way. We ride a few stops down the line, and emerge from the underground restrooms metro, into the middle of Paris.

After the night before, I was not in the mood for aimless walking, and I wasn't seeing the towers of Notre Dame. I see little shops and lots of fun things, but Hubby keeps walking not stopping to look, and no hand holding like the other Parisian couples. I was getting irritated. (This happens easily for me.) I ask Hubby where we are going. He mumbles some sort of nonsense. By this time I knew I was destined to walk through all of Paris with never getting a chance to enjoy the things that I wanted to do.

Was it too much to ask to just sit outside a café to watch the city go by me, instead of me going by the whole city?

Hubby then says there is a plaza ahead that normally has all types of performers and we should go see if there is anyone there. That sounds good. My feet were still aching from the night before a rest would be nice. I was actually excited to have a chance to soak it in. We get to the plaza, and the guy above is just there trying to convince people to stop and watch. He had finished one show, and would be starting another one when there was a sufficient crowd to feed his ego. Actually he was quite funny and entertaining, and it was just awesome to actually hear people speaking French. No one really seemed to be gathering, Hubby and I were just at the back of the plaza. So we went and sat in front of his work area. He can and talked thanked us for sitting there and said he needed more people like us.

His told people passing that his show would only take five minutes (of course he is saying this in french I really loved that part). They were heading to the museum. What's at the museum that can't wait five minutes? he asks. He said the museum will be there all day, his show will only take five minutes.

His show actually took about eight minutes, but it was so fun to sit by Hubby and just enjoy Paris. Hubby knew what ego-painter was painting long before most people can guess. He did a good job and we tipped for his spectacular then went on our way.

What I loved most was his confidence, and his willingness to put himself out there. When you are mastering your art, are you so willing to put your work on the line with such confidence? I have been thinking a lot about criticism (Lazy Writer had a post on it just yesterday)

If you have time I uploaded the video of his performance to You Tube and it is being processed (blogger was taking FOREVER trying to upload it.) I have no idea how long that will take but the video is embed below in case it actually gets around to finishing the processing in time to be part of Wednesday French Inspiration. If not this is the link and I will send out a reminder when it up for viewing just in case you want to sit back and pretend you are sitting on the stone plaza ground watching ego-painter.

Also, as a side thought. Do any of my readers (if you are still reading the small print at the bottom, have any questions you want answered about me? Any questions about my writing, my French obsession, my life, or when I'm ever going to continue Dreams of Love?

If you do leave them in the comments and I will get to posting some answers.

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