Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Reading Thing Wrap-up

I think I have previously mentioned my relationship with deadlines. So it won't surprise you that I am posting my reviews for the remaining two books on my Summer Reading Program list on the last day of the assigned days. I signed up saying I would read three books.

1. The Host
2. Wings
3. My Fair Godmother

My review for The Host by Stephenie Meyers was posted earlier on this post.

I finished Wings by Aprilynne Pike last week. I enjoyed reading this book. The pace is easy, in the beginning a little slow for me. But as Laurel the main characters life begins changing the pace picks right up with it and carried me away in a tale that had me hooked. It was an in your face love story even though there were romantic connections there. I am interested in how these relationships will play out in the sequels. I really loved the characters, and I am impatiently waiting to read what will happen next in their lives.

Noticing that the deadline for reading and reviewing was quickly approaching I started My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison on Thursday and even with a busy weekend and a slow reading pace I finished it today. I was laughing and hooked from the first page. And now have to say I don't think I ever want a fairy godmother to help me out in my life even if the end result is fantastic. You will laugh out loud, and cry a little. I am going to be telling a lot of people they need to read this book. It is just so fun.

Now that you read that I just loved all the books, you may think I love everything. This isn't true. I read a non list book last month. It is called Boy Crazy. I picked it up as an easy read. I was completely disgusted by the example it through out as completely appropriate. The characters were shallow.

Anyhow I enjoyed my Summer Reading Thing, and have been introduced to some new authors that I will continue to read.

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