Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

Can I test your observation skills for a minute? I just want to know if you are on top of your game. Take a good look at this picture. I will give you a moment.
I am in no means a tall or a short person. I am very average. Yet I'm standing in the door way to this beautiful room, The Salon of Louis XIV at Château de Chenonceau. Do you notice that my head is touching the door frame. Okay you noticed. Now glance over at the portrait of Louis. Notice that mile high hair. Glance back at the door and consider. HOW THE HECK?
Were French nobles really short? Or were they accustomed to bowing under each door frame? Wouldn't it be hard to be intimidated by a king if you were towering over him? I have mentioned before that I am no history guru. But it would be a blast to meet Louis and determine his height. In truth, Napoleon was not a tall man, but he accomplished much. I realize that height has no merit on to ones ability to lead. I just had never considered the height of royalty before.
Have you had anything in life or your manuscript take you by surprise? Things just seem out of sorts? Maybe you just need to think of other options or explanations. See where it leads you.
PS. If you are a tall person with big hair and you visit Chenonceau, you may want to duck.

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