Monday, August 10, 2009

Seeing Double - A Tale of Love and Destruction

Timmy and Tommy live in a small suburban home. If you did not notice they are twins. They share the same taste in almost everything - including girls. This was always a hardship between the two until they made a pact that they would only date twins. Problem Solved?

They dated Candy and Sandy who were too cute to boot. It did not take long to discover that they were both complete nuts (explains the squirrels don't you think).

They were hopeful when they met the flight attendants , Mia and Mya.

But they could never remember who was who?

Kelsey and Chelsea were fun, except for their constant obsession with cleaning.

And they had twin seals in the limo pool....with a TV. A little weird.

They were certain it was time to give up at their chances at love and scheduled a nice cruise. That is when they met Cat and Kate.

Tommy and Cat fell in love over a triple scoop sundae, (who wouldn't?)

They shared their first kiss by the end of the cruise.

Timmy and Kate spent their days in the sun discussing all kinds of intelligent topics, like the weight of coconuts, the center black holes, and where all the matches to socks go.

They danced together to the melody of the Beach Boys.

After months (or weeks, or minutes) of preparation, they stood waiting for their brides. Their clothes all mismatched, and their ex-girlfriends staring.

What you didn't have all your exes at your wedding? Oh well.

Cat and Kate knew this was their fate.

They gladly married the men they loved....

Took a few traditional wedding photos....

Threw their bouquets.....

And headed to their new suburban residence, with their animals and husbands.....


Back at the reception there was .... how do I explain... Well see for yourselves.

The preacher was taken out, I'm not certain if it was by the mob of angry single twin ladies... because we also stumbled upon the following crime scene.....

A wig, two dead squirrels, an unconscious woman, a noose of some sort, and a witness.

If you have any information regarding the crime please leave a comment. The happy couples are hoping to head to their honeymoon, but are unable to leave the area until all issues have been resolved. Your help would be much appreciated.

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