Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dream of Love II

If none of this makes sense to you please go back and read installment one of Dream of Love

She was really hoping that Autumn would be at the airport to get her. Not having a car at college was such a bummer. She just kept trying to convince herself that walking to campus every day was going to help her lose the last few pounds.

“Amber! You made it,” Autumn said and hugged her friend and roommate.

“Yeah, so how are things? Do you like the new roomy? Is she cool? Have you met the guys in our ward?” Amber had been fretting about sharing an apartment with someone she didn’t know. What if this girl was a total pill?

“She seems nice, but she hasn’t been around much.” Autumn grabbed one of the bags and they both headed out of the terminal, catching up with their summer happenings as they walked. “I thought we would stop by my parents place to get the things you stored there. Is that cool?”

“It’s your car.” The plan sounded good to her. She was anxious to get her computer set up so she could get online and look up Jack’s telephone number. She wondered if he was in Provo yet, and if he was still dating his new love interest.

Driving down I15 the conversation flowed easily between the friends. Most of the conversation circled around memories from freshman year, but with her one track mind, it wasn’t long before Amber was telling Autumn all about Jack.

“I mean, he is kind of the whole reason I considered BYU in the first place.” She was silent as she remembered the letters Jack sent from BYU. Her love for the school grew as she read about his wheelchair races in the dorms, rock climbing, and dances. She had never realized how his letters affected her until one day she was racing home with the burning desire to attend college thousands of miles away from everything she had known.

“So is his new girlfriend attending BYU?” Autumn asked.

Amber cringed at the term girlfriend and the idea of her being in Provo. She hadn’t really thought of that before. She had just assumed that once Jack was out there, the other girl (not girlfriend, just girl) would still be back in Colorado. She was depending on the distance to create an opportunity to wiggle back into his heart. “I hope not,” she said looking away.

The car fell silent. Unable to endure the silence Autumn turned the subject to a safer topic. “So you are the last to arrive in our apartment. You and Celeste will be sharing a room.”

“That’s cool,” she said, but her enthusiasm was gone.

Instead of talking the girls both just listened to the radio for the rest of the drive to the apartments.

“Oh we are in luck,” Autumn said excited as she pulled up. “Great parking spot, and look there is Keith, he can help carry in your boxes.”

Amber looked in the direction Autumn had gestured. In that instant, all thoughts of Jack were discarded. She was breathless, and certain that she looked the biggest fool as she stared up at the dark haired guy with his retro-glasses, tanned skin, and cute smile.

Autumn got out of the car, and Amber kept gawking as Keith walked over. By the time she tore her eyes away and got out of the car Autumn had already enlisted his help in their task.

Keith looked up as she got out of the car. Her heart raced and her cheeks reddened. “Hi, I’m Keith,” he said.

“Amber,” she said. Trying not to stare, as well as cover her blush. Autumn grabbed a box headed toward apartment 8.

“So you need some help?” Keith smiled over at her.

“If you are offering, I can use all the man power I can get.” They each grabbed a box. And Keith led the way. Amber slowed when Autumn came out of the door, and Keith moved ahead. When he was out of earshot, Amber turned to Autumn. “Wow.”

Autumn laughed and shook her head. “I know. But what about Jack?”

“A girl has got to have options, right?” She smiled wide, and then hurried in behind Keith.

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