Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dream of Love I

Her first summer back in Fairmont after attending Brigham Young University was quite the experience. She fell back into the same comfy friendships, and she even enjoyed a few kisses from one of her favorite beaus. But home just wasn’t the same; truthfully, she wasn’t the same. While attending BYU didn’t meet all of her expectations (like guys lining up to ask her out on all kinds of fun dates), it exceeded any experience she would have had staying at home and attending West Virginia University on her full scholarship.

Her major had changed as many times as her crushes, but she had finally settled on what she wanted in both of those categories. Unfortunately, there was a little hitch—the guy she liked was dating someone else. How could that happen she pondered? She knew he liked her, he even asked her friend Rae if it was too soon to ask her out. They were living in separate states, but were both returning to the Y that fall.

A month before the semester, he told her had met someone, and he was sorry, not for himself but for her. It was a familiar conversation for the two, only last time she was the one who had found a new guy.

So now she was heading back to Provo, butterflies in her stomach, hoping that she could convince her lost love that he still loved her. I mean he only had to see her and he would remember all of those fun times. It had to work, and if it didn’t then she would do the next best thing and just swear off boyfriends. Not dating, just boyfriends. Dating was fun, but broken hearts were just too much hassle.

This is part of a series of post I'm working on. If you don't like chick flicks you may not want to read my Dream of Love Series.

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