Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

Today's post was inspired by my wake-up call. The delivery guys rang the bell five minutes before my alarm sounded. They were bringing my well travelled baby grand piano. Hubby's grandmother bought a bright orange baby grand piano from a bar in Sacramento that was being demolished as past of urban renewal. Over the years during her ownership, it has been refinished, and travelled, to Casablanca, Toronto, Bandkok, and various cities in the US.

Obviously the picture above is not my baby grand. This musical instrument (I'm not sure maybe it is a piano forte) is found at Versailles. When I saw the piano I recalled the Jane Austen movies. In her books her characters all had such musical talent, or at least some ability. So I guess Now that I have my own piano it is time for me to improve my skills.

My sisters both had piano lessons, I was left to teach myself with some help from them. I was more prone to singing than playing. Regardless, our house was always filled with music. I think some homes have lost the sound of music. Do you agree?

Is your home filled with music? Does RockBand count as musical talent?

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