Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tired and Grossed Out

First, note is that I'm back in the real world (blogland) but there is still much painting and unpacking to do. The internet being back will make that take longer.

I have read a lot of the posts I've missed commented on a few. And realized I missed so much and I felt sad to be missing it.

I did read a post that MomBabe of Bingham Diaries sent me in my reader (sorry i will link when not tired) about the gross stink bugs of the East. About 4 hours later I see a disgusting black bug skittering across my livingroom floor toward my new fabric. I lift the fabric out the way and find a shoe to smack the life out of the offending bug. 20 minutes later I find another. I lazily leave them on the floor for a while but decide to vacuum them up. about 10 minutes ago I see another one, and I smack it dead as the others. They all seem to be wanting to go to the same place because they all head from the same direction to the same area.

Then I have been hearing some more noise from the general origination place. I am afraid to look. but I will say that when you have laminate or wood flooring these bugs are not only seen but heard. You can hear their little feet tapping merrily across your floor mocking you that they have entered the place you are trying to make your home.

I am completely grossed out to know that bugs are taking over. I am going to go hide in my bedroom. I hope they stay down stairs. And that tomorrow I don't have an army of bugs..... eww another one just met its demise. Ok that is gross. Four bugs. This needs to stop. The worse part is I just watched The Mummy yesterday and my daughter has been talking about the bugs that are in that movie. Now I'm ever more freaked out.

Bed please keep me safe.

Pray for me.

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