Monday, October 26, 2009

Did Halloween Explode? Or is that Wall Black?

Do you remember My Girl 2? Well, maybe I was the only person that watched it. But there is a short scene when they are picking out wallpaper for her new room. Her father suggests a floral, she pulls out black. If you did see the movie and you thought that was crazy.... then you are are going to be sending the straight jackets my way soon.

It isn't a joke and it isn't for Halloween.

It's just a black wall in my new house and I put it there.

So if you miss my rambling, and wondering where the heck I've run off to, just know that I'm just painting my naked house. The fumes may be getting to me, maybe that is why the wall is black. Or maybe once I get it all set up it might resemble something a little more classy.

What do you think about black walls? I have more paint and some rollers.... do you need anyone to paint your house.... black?

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