Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

The back of Notre Dame from Île Saint-Louis

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and WONDERFUL food, I am going to share with you one of the best meals we ate in Paris. 

So first I must tell you, if you are going to visit Europe you may want to pick up a Rick Steves book to advise you about where to visit, what to see, and where to eat.  He has amazing taste and interesting facts to share.  Aunt and I wanted to experience at least one AMAZING French meal; therefore, we took one of Rick's suggestions: Tastevin (You really should visit that link and see the ambiance.  Also look at the pictures of the food, especially the desserts.)

The restaurant normally requires a reservation pretty far in advance.  Luckily, we were visiting during the off season and got in without one.  To get to Tastevin, you must head over to Île Saint-Louis, a small island in the middle of the Seine.

(While on the island, we got to watch saw people filming on a side street.  They had changed some of the fronts of the shops for the film, and they had this boxy looking police car that was used in a shot.  It was speeding around a corner.  Very neat. )

Anyhow, on to the food.  The French have their menus set up in various ways, but most of the time they have a set price for a 3 course meal, a 5 course meal and so forth.  And within those price ranges you get to choose from different items.  For the 3 course meal price point, you start with your ENTREES (this is your starter not your full meal).  I think hubby and his aunt had escargot (snails) I had a French onion soup.  (yum)  After the entree plates are cleared, you order the PLAT AU CHOIX (your plate of choice/Main course)  Hubby and Aunt chose pork cooked with Anise (a spice resembling licorice. I'm not fond of aniseed, but Hubby loved it)  Uncle and I  had a plate of beef burgundy and potatoes.  Although it all sounds quite simple, it was magnificent. However, the best was DESSERT. We all choice the same thing -- An apple tart with caramel ice cream from Berthillon topped with a caramel sauce.

We were well fed, and enjoyed our meal tremendously.  I hope you all can say the same thing about your Thanksgiving.  May you be well fed and have a terrific day.  


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