Monday, April 20, 2009

Laundry for the Rich

I've made a decision. Which for an indecisive person like me says a lot. When I am rich, NO MORE LAUNDRY!!! I think I'm just going to buy new clothes instead of wash them. Forget paying someone else to do it. I will just buy new clothes. I will donate the worn ones (do you think it is bad to donate dirty clothes?) LOL

But honestly, I have made today a laundry day at my house. The unfortunate part is that I never seem to get all of it done. And just when you are close the pile starts regenerating itself. And then you find the items that you could swear should have been clean but you aren't certain because they were never put away, and then you end up rewashing them too. The sad part is that I only have my husband, myself, and one child dirtying this laundry. When I begin to think of those with a house full of people I am amazed that they do not have to rent a small country just to put all their dirty laundry at. Either that or they own an ocean instead of a washing machine. Because if I add any more laundry to my laundry, I think I would be washing clothes all day every day.

So yes, when I am rich I am definitely going to the new clothes instead of washing approach. What chore would you do away with if you were rich?

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Anonymous said...

i am TOTALLY WITH YOU on this~! i would buy new clothes... and towels... and washcloths!!!!

etc....... i am so tired of LAUNDRY!

and i also think i would do the same thing with dishes... i dont have a dishwasher!

Motherboard said...

When I'm rich I'm going to buy disposable clothes.

Or invent them.

I LOATHE laundry. (as I fold another freaking towel)