Thursday, May 28, 2009

Talking with Two

When anyone asks my daughter her name, the response they will mostlikely hear is - "My two!" (Meaning I'm two, of course she holds up three fingers normally while she says this.) It is cute and I've decided that I should just start calling her Two.

Today during mealtime I was talking with Two, while she was trying to convince me to turn on the TV and I was trying to get her to eat her dinner.

Actual conversation below:

Me: Are you nice?

Two: Yep. My nice.

Me: That's good. Are you obedient?

Two: Nope, My not. My nice.

Well at least she is honest ... and nice. :)

5 Awesome Reactions:

Camryn said...

I LOVE kid comments! They are so genuine and sweet. There is nothing but goodness from them. BTW--I absolutely love the picture from the last post--it's breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

HA HA! that is funny :) and sooo soo cute!

Anonymous said...

I was just reading your comment on Rachelle's blog post where she asked for jokes. I think the comment form screwed up the formatting on your joke, because I don't really get it. Can you repost it on your blog with proper formatting?

Amber Lynae said...

Camryn -Kids comments definitely brighten my day.

Anonymous - I will put a post up for you. the joke is a simple but funny one I found online.

Anonymous said...

ohmygoodness, amber lynae! she's just tooooooo cute!!! can't wait to see you guys, hopefully soon!!!!