Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

On the country roads between Clermont Ferrand and Marseilles we passed through various scenery. There were orchards, vineyards, small towns, mountains, ruins, bullet trains and river banks. Never ending beauty as we watched from the car. As we neared the top of another snow-capped summit, we pulled over in an effort to experience the beauty that had been passing us by.

It was so much fun to live in the surrounds instead of just viewing it. We had a snow fight, we made snow angels. I laughed and smiled. I know these are things I should be doing everyday; however, many times I feel more like I'm sitting in a car letting life pass by. While I do enjoy the beauty of life, I rarely feel the same thrill I felt as I got out of the car and sunk my boots into the snow. I do on occasion feel more than just a spectator in my own life. It is on those occasions that I remember how much I really enjoy living life.

What are some of the things that help you to smile, live, and laugh?

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Motherboard said...


Camryn said...

Wow--you got to live in france? I want to travel, but I think when you start having kids, you become mom and caretaker and sometimes, we 'moms' forget to take care of ourselves--to enjoy life and the simple things it offers.

It's always a good reminder to slow down and just really look around and see the many things that bring us so much happiness.

Good thoughts, Amber! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Kids are so precious and they truly live in the moment! We should all try to be like them. They always have time to explore and see how things work. They don't care if others think they are different, they just want to have fun. My hope is that we can live like they do, at least to some degree.

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Amber Lynae said...

Motherboard - I loved the mountains it was gorgeous. And I'm really excited about the giveaway....:)

Camryn - I didn't live in France for more than a vacation but man did I live. Thanks for your comments

Heather - I totally agree about being childlike without being childish.