Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration


There is beauty all around when there's pastries around. (What? Don't tell me you don't agree?)

On the corner from our Paris apartment, the air is filled with the mouthwatering smells drifting out from the boulangerie. I accompanied my husband into the heavenly-scented shop. My first french pastry shop. The atmosphere was so charming. I peruse the gallery the same as I would an art museum. Admiring the beauty of each handmade creation. .... Then it hits me... I have to choose. Oh but how can one choose. There were so many front running candidates to be devoured and only so many euros in my pocket. My new found heaven was mocking me. I wanted some of everything.... heck let's not hold back, I plain out wanted everything. With every breath I fell deeper under the spell the artisans had spun. My new atmosphere was overwhelming, and I was unprepared for the choice that I was asked to make. Uncertain if the uneasy feeling in my stomach was hunger or nerves, I glanced once again around the shop and the plethora of options. I did not want to be hasty.

Rest assured I made a choice that was great. When I was surrounded by so much good it is hard to choose bad. But I realized as I stood in that shop that sometimes the difficulty of a decision exists because none of your options are deplorable. If I had walked into a shop and had to chose between snails or a creme brulee, then I know what I would have in my to go box upon exiting. Unfortunately, most choices in life are not black and white. Sometimes it is left to us to decided from the good and stick to our decision.

Are you as indecisive as I am? How do you choose when none of your options are unappealing?

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giddymomof6 said...

LOL! Don't you love European Bakeries? They're the best! And Mark and I learned WAY early to just try something new every time we were out. LOL! Then we didn't have to worry which one we got as long as it was something new. We do it every time we go to a europe grocery store too (something new and fun) Oh well, we'll probably do the same when we move back to the states. living 8 years over here, I think they'll be lots of fun things to try that I don't know about! LOL! Cute post! Jenni

One Cluttered Brain said...

Go back everyday until you have sampled them all! Mmmm! Yummy! Usually the pastries with the cream inside win for me!