Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

One of my favorite experiences from my trip was visiting Cassis. We drove up to the summit of Cap Canaille. The cliffs over look Cassis and the Mediterranean sea. As you stand there at the edge, there is no safety measures to keep you from swan diving or tripping to a sudden death ( well it would not be sudden the fall would take a while). But the beauty is overwhelming. As you look over the distant landscape you suddenly feel small, insignificant, and if you are my husband, slightly woozy. Or the view may fill you with inspiration, and hope. As you stand on top of the world, you just may feel the power of you. It may be that you may feel a little of both.

It made me think about the trials I have faced and will yet face in my life. The distance and height that is still yet to travel to achieve the dream. At times I definitely feel small and insignificant. But as I look back over how much I have already accomplished I am inspired to go further, and I feel the power I have within me to live my dreams.

Rise to the top of all your goals, when you look back just enjoy the view.

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Wendy said...

What a beautiful photo. You must have had a wonderful trip. I loved how you compared the photo to where you've yet to go in life.

~ Wendy

Jenn Johansson said...

beautiful picture and beautiful post. Thanks so much for sharing. :)