Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday French Inspiration

In Our Economic Turmoil Seriously Amber Lynae Presents:


My husband loves to shop around. He is always looking for a bargain. Whether we are vacationing in France or living in Virginia, he wants the best deal in town. Personally, I think it is great that I've married a man who doesn't want to throw away his money. But as his aunt and I learned from letting him and his uncle book a hotel.... Frugality can go TOO far.

For the equivalent $40 we stayed at Premiere Classe. (Just in case the name is deceiving you, it wasn't first class.) The room was barely big enough to fit the double bed with the luggage shelf above it. And the bathroom (pictured above) was a pod of sorts small enough that you can shower, poop, and shave all at the same time with out moving an inch.

Overall, it was a laughing experience. The small size of the room really wasn't enough to rate Premiere Classe at the bottom of our list. The rooms which were non-smoking (in France??) definitely had been smoked in (there is a headache for me), some sort of mold looked to be growing over the door, and the two bath towels the provide were scaled down to fit the room and were more like hand towels.

Have you had any money saving experiences go awry?

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Merrianne said...

my husband is the same way!
one time we were looking for a car and he just wanted to be able to pay cash {no credit} so we were looking for the best deal for like $3000 or less. I saw a car for $2800. it looked GREAT and i actually got a "good feeling" about that car.


my husband, on the other hand, found one for $800. Bought that one. and it died like 1 week later. we had to spend like $2000 just to get it running again... and over the next few months we spent like over $2000 more dollars on that hoopty. and now it is DEAD. DEAD AS A DOORNAIL.

now here is the kicker:

i was with a friend of mine when i was out car shopping & she saw that one car that i had a good feeling about, and when she found out that we were actually NOT going to buy it, she decided to get it. and guess what? she hasn't had a single problem with that baby since day one and the guy who was selling it even lowered the price to $2000. it is still running and getting great gas mileage.

Heather said...

I have found that there is a difference between frugality and cheapness. It is always best to pay a little more for a quality item then waste money on a piece of junk. It never seems to go well.