Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Laughing Makes Me Happy

As requested by an anonymous commenter on my previous post. I was asked to post here on my blog a copy of a joke posted on Rachelle Gardner's blog. If you want to read some other good jokes go read the comments left on her LOL post.

Below was my choice of joke. Read every line beginning to end. I have to format the text to hopefully make it more easily comprehended in case blogger messes up the format.

Bob Smith, my assistant programmer, can always be found
hard at work in his cubicle. Bob works independently, without
wasting company time talking to colleagues. Bob never
thinks twice about assisting fellow employees, and he always
finishes given assignments on time. Often, Bob takes extended
measures to complete his work, sometimes skipping coffee
breaks. Bob is an individual who has absolutely no
vanity in spite of his high accomplishments and profound
knowledge in his field. I firmly believe that Bob can be
classified as a high-caliber employee, the type that cannot be
dispensed with. Consequently, I duly recommend that Bob be
promoted to executive management, and a proposal will be
executed as soon as possible.

Project Leader


Shortly thereafter, the HR department received the following memo from the Project Leader:

Sorry, but that idiot was reading over my shoulder while I wrote the report sent to you earlier today. Kindly read only the odd numbered lines for my assessment. (Found in bold)

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Anonymous said...

Good one! I like this.

L.T. Elliot said...

Hee hee hee. I love the executed part!

Motherboard said...

Heh heh! Funny.