Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Bachelor: A Fairy Tale Story

Meet Prince Charming (or boy as my little girl calls him). He has it all a castle, a carriage, a horse, and most importantly an star role on my post today.

Meet the princesses. Anyone familiar with Disney princess can quickly tell these girls are pretending to be someone else. They haven't quite got their acts together. And they don't even know which fairy tale they belong to.

The Prince smiles to cover up the akwardness of being the only guy around. Girls can get pretty petty when they feel competition.

Belle on the other hand can't seem to take her eyes off of the horse. (I guess that makes sense she will eventually fall in love with a beast.)

What is this?? Are they trying to hold hands? Could it be the blossoming of love?

Woah that was fast.... didn't you guys just meet? Well, when you know you know. Prince has decided to forgo faking being in love with every girl in town and is following his true heart's desire. You go Prince.

True loves kiss on a starry night. How romantical. I get all twitterpatted just watching.

It is good to see that the pretenses are up and the girls have learned more of themselves. And Cinderella's double doesn't look all together happy that she wasn't the one to get the Prince. Oh well better luck next time.

And there you have it. A true fairy tale. Cinderella has her Prince. They look like they may want some privacy. So until next time.

No princess pollies were harmed in the photographing of this short story. Although Aurora's hair was recently pulled off by my niece, she is recovering quite nicely.

10 Awesome Reactions:

L.T. Elliot said...

Ha ha ha ha! That was darling! I bet your daughter loved it!

giddymomof6 said...

THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!! I LOVE it! You are so talented!!! Heheheh! Jenni

Kristina P. said...

This was awesome! It would be even more awesome if he were wearing a Snuggie.

Melanie J said...

I love the words "romantical" and "twitterpated". Funny post!`

Becca said...

So cute! We're on the "leaving" end of the whole Polly world - I can't say I mind too much...

Claire said...

This post knocked my socks off! Go Cinderella!

Camryn said...


I love it--the end credits made me tear up a bit ;)

I can't wait for another bedtime tale!

Debbie said...

Hey Amber so glad you found me!!! So crazy isn't it. Tarl says hi too.

Can't wait to catch up on you guys. Cute bachelor fairy story. Who knows it may be the next big hit.

Amber Lynae said...

L.T. - Little girl would have liked it if I let her play instead of telling her to back up because I needed better lighting. I'm a bad mommy I play with my girl's toys without sharing.

Jenni - Thank you for the compliment.

Kristina - I might have to sew him one I couldn't find one in his size. THey say one size fits all but I'm not believing it.

Melanie - Thanks those are just the words that came to mind when I was looking through the pictures.

Becca - I am always finding little sunglasses, flippers, animals, shoes everywhere. It is bad enough keeping big peoples things now I have little people's stuff as well.

Claire - I should be more careful I don't want to be reliable for people losing socks. Please tell me you found your socks.

Camryn - So far there is onlyone prince around here so we will have to see what the next installment holds.

Debbie - Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to keeping up with you as well.

{jordan} said...

You clever thing you! I'm LOVING this! Sp much that I have an award for you:
Thanks for the laugh!