Monday, June 29, 2009

You Can Do It Too! (With a lot of Link Ups)

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." - Dove PROMISES Message (yes i quoted my chocolate).

I have won few things in the last few months and a lot of people I talked to seem SHOCKED that I have won giveaways online. I have talked about these blogs I love for months, I blog and facebook the giveaways, heck I even tell random people I meet just because I'm so excited and I forget that if more people enter I have less chance of winning. Regardless of all of my excitement, these people still don't think they can do it.

I also recently made myself a maxi dress (it is like a maxi pad but a dress instead. okay maybe not). The people look at it and are amazed that I've made something. (I am not sure if I should be offended or complimented. Are they saying they thought me incapable cutting on a line and following directions, or are they jealous of my beautiful style?) Again, I try to convince them that they too can sew a dress as long as they can cut on the lines and follow directions. I still don't think I have gotten through to them. So below I am going to post some of the things I have won and let them see once and for all that they can do it too. But first a picture of my maxi dress (not pad).

For my last post (and hopefully all the other ones too) Jordan of Mean Mommy Academy awarded me The Creative Mom Blogger Award. I am VERY grateful and accept it greedily.

I am sharing the love and passing it along to 5 fellow mom bloggers. There rules of acceptance are :
* Take your award and put the logo on your post.
* Link the person who awarded you.
* Put your own blog title and link.
* Nominate at least five deserving moms

My nominations (which I highly recommend you visit their blogs ) in no particular order are:

Amy of The Lawsons did Dallas (If you need a pregnant Hero this is your woman)
Kristina Queen of the Snuggie of Pulsipher Predilections (you will pee your panting laughing from laughing so hard.)
Melanie J of Write Stuff (She isn't the only one in her family with talent check out her son's artwork).
Motherboard of Crazyland (You will feel like home reading her blog, but you may not what to move in because her cable internet provider is a jagged pill.)

As if seeing my smiling face wasn't reason enough to post this picture, I actually wanted you to check out the necklace I'm wearing. I won that from entering a contest on Mean Mommy University to get some amazing jewelry of your own visit Moonlilly's Treasures buy up the whole store, all of it is great.

Here I have caught up in the prize I won over at Mary Olsen's awesome Crafter's Guru site. It is an amazing book signed by the author. How cool is that? Too Cool for School. Believe me the book is great no matter what your age, if you don't own it buy it.

And on the HUGE monthly (yes that is write monthly) of Mormon Mommy Blogs I won a pedi party kit from Cultures Salon. I have not gotten to have my party yet because hubby has been out of town. But he is back and you better believe the party is own. I will keep you updated. I can already tell you now though the stuff smells good enough to eat. I can't wait.

Now I hope I didn't sound too super braggy. But I wanted to let you know you should be super jealous of all my loot. But if you want to be like me (and quite frankly who wouldn't) you should just do it. Read the quote from my chocolate at the top of the blog. That milk chocolate has a lot going for it and it knows that if you don't take a chance you don't get far.

I hope next time I have a giveaway I will have a ton of entries.

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Lazy Writer said...

How do you win so much stuff??? I've never won anything. At least, I don't think I have. Great job on the dress, by the way. When I was in 7th grade, I took sewing, and we had to have a fashion show to show what we had made. I flat out refused to participate because my dress was so bad. Apparently, I wasn't the only one to think so because my mom and the teacher both agreed that I should not be a part of the fashion show! Sewing just isn't my thing I guess!

Kristina P. said...

I love your dress!

And I've won quite a few giveaways too.

And I do accept your award! Thank you so much. I don't really do them on my blog, because I've had people get their feelings hurt, but I do appreciate every single one.

Motherboard said...

Thanks for the super awesome award! I have one of those pedi kits and they do smell good enough to eat!!

(YOU are hot. And not just hot, but HAWT!)


L.T. Elliot said...

I love the dress too. And that necklace is gorgeous. I will be checking out that site because that necklace is just too beautiful to let go of.

I'm very happy for your wins and I love many of the women you nominated. Good people, that.

Amber Lynae said...

LAzy Writer - I win by entering every giveaway that I want to win the prize. Of course I don't win more times than I do, but I have been a VERY lucky person this year.

Kristina -I actually thought of you while I was wearing my dress yesterday. Because I was snuggled up all nice and warm. I thought I think this just might beat a snuggie. And I understand about not posting to the blog, because I really had SO many more people that I really love their blogs and I think they are AMAZING. To name five is hard and you always feel like someone is left out and they feel slighted.

Motherboard - You are so sweet. Thank you. If I don't have my party soon I might end up eating it first. LOL

LT -Thanks for the compliment. And you will end up loving everything. The only bad part of winning that contest was having to choose one thing.

Terresa said...

Ah, so you're the one who won the Pedi Party kit from MMB. I was wondering....

Lucky gal, wish I was your neighbor/sister/friend to share the loot! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been quite successful at winning stuff! Love the dress that I know you worked hard one, you have a real talent. Bet you could sell some of your stuff for a profit if you ever got interested. . . like your hubby's great Jack Sparrow costume.
Love ya!