Saturday, June 20, 2009

You Can't Take It with You

Last Sunday, my princess and I went to visit my hubby's grandad at a beach house in Avon, NC (beautiful area). And all Saturday I knew I should gather up the things I would need for our short beach trip. Instead I stayed up until all hours of the night looking at mapquest determining the best route... which should be read as avoiding packing. Yeah I know I'm one of those people. A procrastinator of the worst kind. My mom once wrote a description of me that says she is absolutely certain that I was incapable of getting ready until one minute before the time I am supposed to leave. I know that this trait of mine always annoyed her...however I digress. I wanted to talk about my feelings about packing. I HATE IT. LOL.... That seems such a childish statement as I read it. I hate trying to figure out what I need and what I can stand to leave behind. I have accumulated my belongs because they are things I felt I could not live without. And I keep everything. I'm a hoarder. So it pains me to be separated from my belongings, even for a short duration.

I hope that you realize there is some exaggeration to this... yet sadly I must say there is some truth as well. Every time I go somewhere I always end up packing things I know I don't use, and most likely will not use while I'm gone. Unfortunately, there is an irrational voice in my mind that comes up with millions of scenarios that convince me that I do need to bring every item I own. And it is possible that I will miraculously lose inches off my thighs and fit into those pants that I haven't fit into since high school. Maybe I should just pack my box of hair things just in case my hair grows out from my chin length bob and I need my hair pulled up. And having one of anything is never enough when you pack because you never know what might happen to the first one.

In the end I am certain that our car looked something like the one above for our over night getaway. Is anyone else a packaholic?

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Carolyn V. said...

I always pack more than I should, but funny...not enough shoes.

L.T. Elliot said...

I overpack but usually things like first-aid kids and aloe vera. I'm paranoid that I'll need all of these things and I rarely do. =]

HTF said...

We like to think that we're not "accumulators". But we moved across the country recently and the massive moving van (and the subsequent unpacking) pretty much proved that we have issues . . . Oh well.
I like the photo!

Mika McDaniel said...

Lol... I am exactly the same. It always seems that you pack just the right amount of clothes, etc but then end up coming back with a bag full of clean clothes you didnt wear but dont really want to put away again... I usually just end up washing them anyways so I have a little extra time to not put them away. :) Good luck!

Amber Lynae said...

Carolyn - I understand I always get into my vacation and wish for my tennis shoes, or pumps, and that is the one thing at home sitting inside my almost empty house.

LT - I think that it can be good to be slight paranoid therefore prepared.

HTF - I also hate moving, I have done a lot since we moved. I still have the boxes and packing paper... because we rent, and I know one day we would like to buy our own home. (Did I mention I keep EVERYTHING).

Mika - I too hate unpacking about as much as packing. And I do the same thing I come home and live out of my suitcase until I realize it has been a good while since our return, so then I decide to just through everything in the washer instead of trying to sort through the clean. and then I hate folding laundry to it sits un folded and wrinkles until it gets worn or rewashed. LOL