Sunday, November 23, 2008


You go to the movies expecting to be blown away and you come away somewhat disappointed WORST NIGHT EVER, but you go to a party expecting to feel out of place and find you fit right in BEST PARTY EVER. Ok so those are just random scenarios. Yet in truth, our expectations can often set us up for disappointment. Even most of my arguments with hubby (not that they are frequent) start from some expectation his or mine not being met. We expect mind reading self sacraficing people in our lives the type we are not willing to be. So anyhow. Just a random thought. Maybe if we expect less we will be pleased more often.

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That one guy... said...

I agree, but just wondering, which movie was the WORST MOVIE EVER, so I know not to see it!

Anonymous said...

It is easy to expect more from our loved ones and it is also easy to be disappointed by them. We hold them to a higher standard than others. I have found as well, if I really think about things before reacting, that I have a much clearer outlook. Hugs to you!