Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lost & Found

To all of you who have been succeeding in your goals to lose a few pounds, I would really like to congratulate you....UNFORTUNATELY, I can't. Instead I plead with you to stop losing for a week because I need to figure out whose weight I keep finding. HA HA right. Truthfully you are a motivation and I'm proud and inspired by all those with the determination to achieve such a hard goal.

I have completely derailed from my goal of weightloss. I need more structure in my days. I feel like my 22 month-old daughter doesn't get as much from her day as she should because I am always tired. I'm always tired because I eat poorly and do not exercise. (One of my excuses for not exercising is being too tired.) So I keep myself trapped in an unhappy cycle.

How can you balance all the jobs of motherhood while still finding time to care for yourself? Can any mothers give me some motivating tips?

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a story read in French class with the drunk man who drinks to forget that he is ashamed of drinking. :-) I feel like I constantly fall into that struggle with my physical health. I eat to forget that I am ashamed of over-eating. Boy that sounds insane! I need to break free from the vicious cycle.