Thursday, November 13, 2008

Toilet Paper

So I was reading a post over at Crazyland that reminded me of my husband's wise Grandmommy. She always has said, "If you don't need it more than toilet paper..." I have been thinking a lot about frugality. Trying to read many many blogs about couponing, budgeting and all of that. Motherboard's post just really reminded me about how I shop. I have endless wants, we all do. But I try not to buy things unless I really love them. However it is easier for me to compromise when I'm buying it for my little girl.
Going off of Grandmommy's buying mantra. What do I need more than toilet paper. Food for sure, and other assorted grocery items. But most things wouldn't comfort me much when I'm stranded at the toilet with nothing but my hand. But hey.... somedays I could get creative. Especially when i'm craving some of those things I don't need more than toilet paper. LOL

So on that line of thoughts what are some things you think you might give up toilet paper for if you had to choose between buying one or the other? Do you have a shopping mantra to help you shop with frugality?

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Motherboard said...

I hate to go shopping... so unless I really really really need it... I just stay home!

I have added you over on the Mormon Mommy Blogs... fyi!

thanks for the shout out... bloggy friend! :oP

Anonymous said...

When I go shopping, it is usually just for stuff we need. I am very good at not buying for myself. I rarely buy anything just because I would like to have it, unless, you've guessed it, it is for someone else. I never put my desires first, it is always about my loved ones. I guess this can be good or bad. I guess a tip to keep in mind when shopping is, "Can it wait until later, or is it necessary t ohave it now?" and when it comes to items that are on sale for a limited time ask, "Am I buying this because it is a good deal, or because it is something I need?"

Chelsea said...

Try for some good coupon lessons.