Monday, November 17, 2008

Earning Gift Cards through Swagbucks

Search & Win

Crystal Paine, author of Money Saving Mom, had a recent post about earning gift cards by searching through Swagbucks -an online search engine that rewards you for searching online. I don't know about you, but I search for everything online. One mother at Economic Endeavors tells how she has earned enough in Swagbucks in the last four months to receive hundreds of dollars in gift cards. Most of her Christmas shopping paid for through using AND referring others to this site.

Swagbucks is very simple to sign up for. There are no fees, no credit card required, and no phone number or address requested. They do not track your searched or spam you. After signing up, you are credited 3 points to your account. You can either do your searching directly from their site or download one of the toolbars or plugins to use every day as you're searching online. After only 45 points earned, you can get a free Amazon gift card. There are dozens of other prizes, too.

Tell all your friends about Swagbucks, send them your referral link and you'll also earn points for the searching they do online.
Tell lots of folks and you're well on your way to funding your entire Christmas budget with free gift cards from Swagbucks. I'm not kidding you, that's exactly what Lavonne did. See her post here with the details.

If it sounds great to you I hope you will sign up using any of my Swagbucks links in this post or in my sidebar sign up and keep on searching online. So what are you waiting for? Go sign up here.

Search & Win

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