Friday, November 14, 2008

All the Time in the World

I know a lot of you are going to be upset to hear the next statement but.... I PREVIOUSLY thought that stay at home moms had all the time in the world to enjoy themselved. Sure I did imagine that they had the occasional small task of child care and picking up a few toys or something. But a stay at home mom should have time to do all those projects that they always wanted to do but never had time for.

Since the birth of my almost two year old girl I have been a stay at home mom. I have not gotten anything done in TWO years. It is crazy. I stand in awe of those mothers who do all the cooking, cleaning, PTAing, chauffering, and mothering and still seem to have some life. Because I tell you I hardly ever can see the floors in my house, and laundry gets done when... well when we run out of clean underwear. Although it isn't much of an excuse, for the first 18 months after birth I watched my lovely nieces as well as my own ball of joy. That took ALL of my time. It has been about 5 months since then and still I find myself misusing my time.

Now as mentioned before TV addiction has claimed much of my day. I HATE this. So the past two weeks my loyal tv viewing has stopped. It has been liberating. While I still have to develope a schedule, and a lot more structure to my day, for myself as well as my little one, I do find that I've gotten more laundry done, and some of the piles of clutter have been uncluttered. There is still more to do. But I feel like I'm not glued to my television. Maybe, just maybe, I can do something on a Thursday night without feeling resentful for not seeing what happens on my favorite show. I will say that I am not forbidding these shows, I just don't feel that same draw. It has helped that many of my shows have now become so liberal that even I am slightly offended and uncomfortable watching them. It is nice to not worry so much about the influence of all these shows and all the gender confusion they display.

So my questions for you new and experienced mothers - How do you keep your act together? Did you start off being able to do it all? Also, what are your thoughts about the drama in your television dramas?

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Motherboard said...

All the time in the world? bwah-ha ha ha ha ha! That's hilarious!

I actually NEVER turn on the TV during the day. EVER! It's a time sucker. Actually, let me rephrase that... I never turn on the TV for me. It's always on cartoons.

{{still laughing over all the time in the world}} You're funny.

Anonymous said...

I don't have the privelege of staying home with the kids, but I still have piles of laudry and a sink of dirty dishes. It seems that we are always playing catch up in our home. I can't say it is just because I work, because when I did stay home I had the same problem. It seems that Jonthan can get everything done along the lines of housework if he takes a day off of work and stays home. So I am thinking it is how I manage, or rather, do not manage my time. I feel when I am mad at someone or something, I get the most work done. Maybe I need someone to tick me off daily and my house will be in the shape I would like it to be . . . :-)