Thursday, November 6, 2008


So I've been getting into the mood of wanting to try new things and aquire new talents. I've painted one of my dresers and need to do another, I made my hubby's Halloween costume, and various other things. So I was looking online and saw from a blog I read that there is a website called Sense and Sensibility Patterns you can follow the link. On the site they have very well priced e-patterns. So if you are like me and have spent hours watching all the Jane Austen films that come out and wishing for dresses from that era well here you go. If you are willing to tackle the challenge of making it yourself. It seems to be my new motto. If you dream, then do it. So here is to trying to do it all. Do you have any projects that you are working on? If you could dress in any era style what would your clothes look like? Leave a comment let me know.

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