Friday, December 5, 2008

Excuse me but I think you dropped your Sense of Adventure

Did you lose something? What that isn't yours???? Are you sure? Because if I'm not mistaken I think you are missing something.... Your sense of adventure. Believe me I understand, I often misplace my own. I promise I am not overly crazy. Although I express myself as a crazy person at times. Seriously, though answer me this - how many times have you let fear of failure hold you back from trying something you REALLY want to do? How often does the fear of looking ridiculous keep you from living life? Think back, when was the last time you truly laughed and enjoyed yourself? In that moment was fear holding you back? Probably not. The truest moments, the happiest times, are those precious times when we through inhibitions aside and be ourselves. If you are worried about being judged for your appearance, or competence. Have you ever really wanted to sing along to your favorite song but didn't know all the words or were just afraid of people watching you? I hate that. I think back to my teen years, and while I was admittedly very self centered in my thinking, I also enjoyed so much more, because even with all the drama around me I was not afraid to speak my mind, even when I was completely wrong. I am still that way a little. I am sure I talk louder than I should in stores or do not quite react appropriately to all situations. However, I am much more reserved. I also know that I now have much more trouble making friends. Why you ask? Because I'm afraid. I'm afraid of being unaccepted.
I hope if you are like me and have occasionally misplaced your sense of adventure, or have been brick walled by fear, that you will not remain trapped. I hope that you will start the project that you have put off because you didn't want to mess it up, that you will talk to the people waiting in line with you, and that you will sing along to your favorite songs, and dance even when you don't know how. Just enjoy life and let me know if there is something that fear has been stopping you from doing? I hope it will become your new goal to accomplish all the adventures your heart has longed for.

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of so many memories. I remember going to Gary and Regina's and you sitting on the counter and telling Regina you get hungery sometimes, just as she was preparing meatballs. How cute was that? Anyway, the other day I was helping with Paige's basketball team and on more than one occassion I did not participate for fear of making a fool of myself and infront of the other parents. I held myself back from an opportunity just because I feared others. I wish I was more outgoing, yet I do nothing to change it. I have always admired the ones that seem to be the center of attention, as long as they do it by being themselves and not pretending. A friend of mine is so fun to hang out with because she doesn't care what others think and she has a great time where ever she goes.
Reminds me of an episode of friends where Rachel and Phoebe go jogging and Phoebe runs with arms flailing around because that was the only way running was fun to her. Oh so funny!

Motherboard said...

I tried to become one of your followers... but it wouldn't let me... maybe i'm not cool enough to sit at the cool table??