Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eeyore is Missing

I'm guilty. I am not the best housekeeper, not that I get much help. Everyday 60 percent of my daughter's toys get drug out into the living room. At the end of a good day about 10 percent of that mess makes it back to her room. So about 4 days ago, when I was attempting to make my living room look less like the inside of a toy chest, I discovered that Eeyore was missing off of the Winnie the Pooh piano. I was able to find the other three figurines but Eeyore has returned to an unknown location - maybe the Hundred Acre Wood. Suddenly, Eeyore is the most important character to my daughter. She asks about him daily. "Uh Oh, Eeyore! Ah go?" (a go = Where did he go?) She asks me this several times. This is the same girl that can tell me in which room she took off her shoes, yet when I say to her " I don't know, where did you leave him?" She has no reply. I've searched through piles of laundry (I've been meaning to get to those I swear), under couches (only forgotten crackers under there), in her toy box (nothing there - it is all in the living room), the office (surprisingly the cleanest room in the house - it is closed most of the day), under beds (nothing but dust bunnies), dresser drawers (empty waiting for the laundry fairy to fill them). I've run out of places to look. I'm check small crevices and large obvious areas. Eeyore has vanished. I've run out of ideas. He must be in the same place that my Smallville Season 5 Disk 2 is (that one has been missing since June).

So this week will be yet another top to bottom house decluttering. Yet last time with Smallville nothing ever turned up. I think there is a very mischievous person around, who like to still random items which are part of a set just to irritate the heck out of people. With me he/she succeeds. I hate the empty spot on the piano where Eeyore goes just as much as my daughter. And although I've already watched disk two of Smallville season 5, it bothers me that there is an empty slot in the case.

While I would like to blame someone else to have a place to turn this frustration, I logically doubt that there is a person stealing these things. So where are they? Do your things go missing? Have you noticed any extra toys or DVDs at your house? Maybe my stuff is just wanting to go visit someone else house for a while. Let me know, where is the strangest place you have found a lost item?

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Carmen said...

EVERYTHING in my house goes missing. At least once a week, we have a day to locate all of the missed "stuff".

Carmen, mom to the screaming masses

Anonymous said...

I have found things in the vents around my house. Yet when I ask how it got there, no one seems to know. I once found a missing wallet in the freezer. There are many uncommon hiding places and children are experts at finding them. So good luck to you and Eeyore! Love ya Sis.