Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday French Inspiration

Veiled Lady in the Louvre
(Taken from the Archives of Seriously Amber Lynae)

This statue reminds me of the statues in the newer Pride and Prejudice film. There is something quite hypnotic about her face with the veil. How is it that the sculpture was able to show the details of the face and the veil over at the same time? So much detail and emotion can be created from marble.  It is awesome that marble -so hard and formless- can be carved into beauty- flowing and whimsical.

  I hope that you enjoy this piece of Paris and take this message with you :

No matter how hard any situation may appear at first, you can make out of it what you choose.  You can choose to let life crush you, or you can carve life into something that will have people staring with awe.

I hope that you will choose the latter.

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Cordelia said...

You always have such a great perspective on life and the fun French culture! Thanks for sharing your thought with us!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

It is, just as you say, so amazing that out of stone one can achieve such beautiful detail of both the face & the vail....I loved both the sculpture & your inspiration. Thanks!

KC Mom said...

Oh, I want to go.

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Hello! I followed a link from Ann Best's sidebar and found your wonderful blog. I LOVE your "About Me" blurb -- the best I've ever read on a blog! I look forward to reading more from you.

I spent three weeks this summer in central and Provincial France. We only squeezed in a couple hours in Paris, and took our two kids to walk around the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame de Paris. On other trips to the Louvre, though, I somehow missed this gorgeous statue. Is it displayed near Venus de Milo? Next trip over, I am definitely searching out this amazing artistic feat.

Your closing words resonated with me. Thanks for sharing them!

Jolene said...

I have not been to Paris for fifteen years or so and that is my absolute FAVORITE. Thanks for posting it!

Melanie J said...

I really like this post.

Terresa said...

Loved the veiled statue, and your paired thoughts.

Hope your summer is bright in every good, writerly way possible!!

elizabeth mueller said...

Hi Cutie. Thank you for this post. It definitely is a work in progress to keep that in mind--especially with a hobby I so love and with a family underfoot.


I appreciate your friendship, Amber!

Lisa said...

I've always loved sculptures with veils on them! It amazes me what skill those artists have.