Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday French Inspiration --Reaching Goals

Stranger biking the country roads of France

Today is stage 9 in le Tour de France 2010.  It just gets me thinking of all the work the competitors have put into being about to make 3,642 kilometers trek.  Not many people would be physically able to survive the race.  However, each participant has trained and put in the necessary work.  The race is not something entered unprepared on a whim.

It is this knowledge that inspired these thought/reminders:

Life is meant to be lived with purpose and we cannot reap what we have not sown.  

For me this reminder was a much needed push to get me to stop whining and start doing.  There is no someday but today.  So I will use today to start changing the things that are not as I would have them be, because no matter how hard I wish on the evening star it will not change the fact that life takes effort. 

 What goals are you working to accomplish?
How do you keep yourself motivated and consistent?


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Jolene said...

Goals? Balance. I swing, one day I can barely pull myself from the computer leaving my two children to destroy the house and the next day my computer sits in the dust (this doesn't happen often) and I do anything but. Balance - it's tricky. If you've played wii fit, you'll know this.

Susan R. Mills said...

Inspiring post, Amber. I am just trudging along with my revisions. I'm so close to finishing, and that's what motivates me--seeing this through to the end.

elizabeth mueller said...

OOh, I like that. Stop whining and start doing. Great one!

Right now I'm working on a review, editing a WIP and finishing a book. Whew... Ugh...

Okay no whining! ;)

Btw, I have a few awards for ya! ;)

Terresa said...

The goals I'm working to accomplish this week? Visiting friends (in person & in blogland), organizing my garage, and getting my Primary (I'm Primary prez) organized. Also, to re-prioritize family time.

Great post, hope you are well & writing like mad! :)

Amber said...

This is why my house is starting to stay clean. I used to whine and complain about my husband not being home and I was left to tend the kids and take care of the house and, by golly, I wanted some alone time! Until I read a GC talk that changed my thoughts. So rather than moan and complain every night (and get nothing done), I clean. I kind of like it that way.

Tamara said...

Love this post and pic with it. I cannot even comment on my goals and balance. They are under review as I write. Well, sort of. You know what I mean!