Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday French Inspiration

In Our Economic Turmoil Seriously Amber Lynae (re)Presents:
From the archives of Seriously Amber Lynae

My husband loves to shop around. He is always looking for a bargain. Whether we are vacationing in France or living in Virginia, he wants the best deal in town. Personally, I think it is great that I've married a man who doesn't want to throw away his money. But as his aunt and I learned from letting him and his uncle book a hotel.... Frugality can go TOO far.

For the equivalent $40 we stayed at Premiere Classe. (Just in case the name is deceiving you, it wasn't first class.) The room was barely big enough to fit the double bed with the luggage shelf above it. And the bathroom (pictured above) was more of a pod than a room.  It was so small that you can shower, poop, and shave all at the same time without moving an inch.

Overall, it was a laughing experience. The small size of the room really wasn't enough to rate Premiere Classe at the bottom of our list. The rooms which were non-smoking (in France??) definitely had been smoked in (there is a headache for me), some sort of mold looked to be growing over the door, and the two bath towels the provide were scaled down to fit the room and were more like hand towels.

Have you had any money saving experiences go awry?

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KC Mom said...

I didn't know much about staying in a hotel in France when I made the arrangements to stay there. The cheapest one I could find in the area we needed to stay was the equivalent of $450 a night and it was tiny. I had to pay $30 a night more to have the airconditioning turned on. The elevator was only big enough to take up one person at a time and the stairs weren't much bigger. It was such a surreal experience. I can't believe you got a place for $40 a night! Looks like you actually got a better deal then we did...because I think our room was just as big!

Kristina P. said...

I think those kind of experiences are often what makes a trip!

Jolene said...

Neither my husband nor I know how to save money. We're a REALLY bad combo. The shower made me laugh, it looks like it belongs on a boat or camper, betcha had fun shaving legs in that one!

Susan R. Mills said...

It seems every time I try to save money, I end up spending more. Loved the shower!

elizabeth mueller said...

Ewww, sounds yucky! Especially pooping in the tub while shaving??? Bleh! ;)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

hahahahaha... that is so TINY!!! I still want to go there though... sigh.