Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saying Goodbye for Now

I know that Christmas was almost a month ago, but i just took my tree down on Sunday with the help of my sister and cousin. Hubby thought I was crazy for even putting it up because we spent Christmas in Utah. However, my Christmas tree makes me happy. I love to watch Christmas movies while put it up alone. ( I don't like to do it alone just everyone refuses to help me.) I admit my Christmas tree is a bit crowded. I get told it looks like a mall tree by Hubby's sister. I love my Christmas tree it sets the mode for the season for me. I am very lucky that my daughter doesn't tear it a part. Well I'm sharing my tree with you. I don't think the pictures do it justice because the best part is sitting in a blanket curled up with all the lights off except for the tree and a Christmas movie. Sharing those moments with people who I care about means the most. Thank you though to Sis and Cuz for helping with all the putting away part.

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Motherboard said...

Hallelujah it's just the tree getting put away.

I was a little worried you were tossing in your hat!