Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday French Inspiration

On our way back to the train station in Versailles, our group passed El Rancho.  We all laughed at the thought of the French having a Tex-Mex bar and grill.  I realized later that it isn't such a bad idea.  In a market that is saturated with French cuisine (it is France after all), Tex-Mex would really stand out.  Of course not everyone if going to be dying to eat at a Tex-Mex grill in France.   However, the is a market for it:  those who have moved and want a taste of home, those who want to try something new, those who really love tex-mex,...etc.

Yet I think that our initial reaction says something about many aspects of life.  No matter how you decorate your house; write your book;  drive your car; or wear your clothes you will always have some people who just don't get it.  I think it is when you stop trying to please everyone and start trying to be true to yourself that you learn to be truly happy

Is your book like a Tex-Mex restaurant in the middle of France?

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zz said...

Great advice Amber. Reminds me of a time my friends and I went to "Denny's" in Tokyo. We found wonderful items on the menu such as Spagetti Borrognese! :)

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Good post Amber...I think my whole life has been like a Tex-Mex restaurant in the middle of France...just a little bit out of place.