Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday French Inspriation

Versailles window/door latch  LP= Louis-Philippe

No matter the continent, country, of city you visit, you will always find the park benches, trees, or buildings tagged by some person trying to leave their mark.  "I WAS HERE" the markings scream.  Where does this desire to leave our mark on the world come from?  We are not dogs that have to leave our scent to spread the world there is a new kid in town... however, as a human we do have a desire to create and so some how brand the world with our name.

Some people do this through music, some through painted or sculpted art, some through writing, some through sciences.  There are many grandiose ways of leaving behind our "I was here" sign.  The desire to create is a godly desire.  We long to make something that is so distinctly ours. 

Today my thoughts are focused on the fact that we do in fact leave our mark on the world.  Each day you are carving you mark, your every action whittles away at the very fibers of this earth.  I am not talking about our carbon footprints, but our spiritual ones.  Some days your only progress may seem more of a mess and less than a masterpiece.  Some days your work may cause tears.  Other days the crowds may gather to cheer your name for your efforts.  But every thing you do will leaves the world changed. Whether or not you leave behind bookshelves filled with your work or walls covered with your art; you will not leave this world unchanged.

We must be as the scouts and leave the earth better than we found it.  Make your life and your life's work something you are unashamed to put your name one. 

When people see your "I was here." may they be filled with overwhelming joy.

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Amber said...

Our mark is both tangible and intangible. As mothers, we leave our mark on our children as seen through characteristics (nature) and temperament (nurture & nature). At the same time, what we teach them will forever impact their lives. So, when we leave our mark, let's make it a gentle one.

Carolyn V. said...

I love this post. I was just thinking about this last night and wondering what my mark was. Even if we don't make a big splash in the world, we do leave our mark in some way or another. =)

L.T. Elliot said...

"When people see your "I was here." may they be filled with overwhelming joy."

This is exactly what I want, too. One of your very best posts, Amber.

Lara said...

This was so well put. I think I leave my biggest mark through my singing, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to do it. I have come a long way in my reaction to how people perceive it...I am honored to have blessed their lives. It isn't about me. It's about what I can do with others.

Lara said...

PS I was speaking of my mark toward the greater population.

My children are actually my greatest work, and i hope that my mark with them is a joyous one.

becca said...

I love what Lara said - there is a mark that we lieve with our talents, a mark that touches the "outside" - but nothing matters as much as the mark we make inside the walls of our homes. Great post.

elizabeth said...

Wow, where do you find all these interesting things??? Love them! :D